Oct 1, 2020

Countdown to Halloween 2020

Just in case you're not familiar with the Countdown to Halloween, every year a bunch of bloggers get together to share their love of Halloween every day in October. You can see all the participating blogs by clicking the image at the bottom of this post.

Remember the good ol days when we thought if everyone was responsible and wore a mask, we'd have this virus thing gone by Halloween? Those were the days. It's certainly going to make for a (hopefully) unique Halloween season. Of course, the day after Labor Day is my official start of the season but it really ramps up in October.

Tonight would have been the annual Salem Haunted Happenings Parade. It's everything you'd expect from a local city parade but infused with Halloween. That's cancelled.

The next milestone of the holiday is going into Salem on the weekend when they have a huge street fair with lots of vendors. Regardless of the temperature that day, the first thing I do is grab a cup of hot cider for my walk around town. Surprise! The street fair has also been cancelled this year. However, it's all been moved online. If you'd like to support Salem businesses, please visit the Haunted Happenings Marketplace. There's plenty of fun stuff to be found there!

During the first couple weeks, I try to catch a few events at Salem Horror Fest. That's also gone completely online this year. This is actually a bonus because a lot of their movies and events are streaming online which means I can watch when I have time!

So, as you can see, I get a lot of Halloween mojo from visiting Salem this time of year. I actually visited last weekend and it was surprisingly busy. Most of the shops have lines to get in due to limited capacity. The downtown area is a mask mandated zone and I was happy to see the majority of people doing so.

Who knows what is to happen on Halloween night. You can't just keep tens of thousands of people out of a city for one night...can you?

On a happier note, let's take a look at what you can expect during the 2020 Countdown to Halloween! 

The seventh year of Halloween interviews with people from around the web!

A couple of trips to the Haunted Library to check out some fun books!

Sunday is game day! I'll be talking about games that are suited for spooky fun.

Hot Wheels Wednesday, Wednesday, WEDNESDAY!!! 
We'll get up close with this year's Halloween offerings.

Continuing the Countdown tradition, I am offering up a Salem MA postcard sent from Salem to 13 people. All you have to do is fill out the below form. If more than 13 people sign up, I will choose the winners at random. Offer good only for US mailing addresses. Sign ups close on 10/8.

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  1. It's sad that everything is being canceled but I get it. All our fall events have been shut down this year as well but we plan to make the best of October not letting to much slow us down and being safe at the same time.