Oct 25, 2020

Halloween Playing Cards

I can't believe we are less than a week from Halloween! I feel like Charlie Brown in A Charlie Brown Christmas. I know it's the season and I'm supposed to feel a certain way, but it's just not the same this year.

Let's not dwell on my Halloween existential crisis, here's some playing cards.

First up is this cute Peanuts deck.

Speaking of things we don't want to talk about...how terrible is it that Apple now owns the Peanuts holiday specials and has removed them from network TV? Now I know we all have our physical media but there's just something about watching it on broadcast when you know others are watching at the same time.

 The court cards are the same in every suit just in a different color. Actually, there are no suits in this deck, only green, purple, orange, and black. Halloween perfection!

I picked these up from Oriental Trading Company for $9 for 12 decks. As of this writing, they are 27% off, just $6.38 for 12 decks of regular sized playing cards! They're definitely better quality than I was expecting at this price.

Shifting gears, these next two are from Kings Wild Project.

This is the Haunted 8's deck. The box with this deck feels sturdier than most and has a little extra Halloween zing with the black and orange stripes inside. On the tab it says "No matter where you go in life in the end you will die." Cheery, eh?

It doesn't really come through in the photo but the suit and value in the corners have a ghostly green highlight around them. The court has quite the assortment of weirdos! King of Hearts is the Headless Horseman, Jack of Hearts has a hockey mask, and King of Spades is wearing a timely gas mask.

The last deck is Trick or Treat and is my favorite! 

It's got an unusual open box that looks like a vintage Trick or Treat bag. You might ask what's up with the Smell my Feet card? I don't know but it's a fun addition.The Jokers may look identical but if you look closely, you'll see the one on the right has a skeletal hand popping out of the ground holding the Two of Clubs.

The art in this set has a great vintage vibe to it and I absolutely love it! Not only did they cover what I consider the quintessential Halloween costumes (witch, ghost, devil, skeleton) and the staple monsters (werewolf, vampire, Frankenstein) but they do it in a different way.

As I mentioned, both of these are by Kings Wild Project. Haunted 8's is still available but unfortunately Trick or Treat has sold out. That makes me a little sad because more people should get to enjoy this wonderful deck of cards. 

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