Oct 20, 2020

Monster Spookshow Radio

I initially started blogging all those years ago so that I could join in on the Countdown to Halloween. I was visiting all the blogs and amassing my own digital archive of Halloween goodness. In particular, I enjoyed finding people's digital mix tapes that they had created. The best source I found for these was George Van Orsdel's Monster Spookshow Radio.

 Sadly, the site stopped updating in 2012. But, while the links were still active, I managed to download all of the compilations. So now I'm sharing my joy with all of you.

There are 38 shows altogether, including 4 Halloween, 3 Sci-Fi, and 3 Cryptmas specials. Each one is about an hour long and has songs, audio from TV/movies, radio ads, and other things mixed in. They're all a lot of fun and I try to fit in as many as I can in my Halloween rotation every year.

Each track has notes in iTunes with the listing of what's in each show. You can still check out the site, which also has the track listings. Click on the above banner to drop these treats into your digital goodie bag and join me in a toast to the gone but not forgotten George Van Orsdel's Monster Spookshow Radio.

Click the image below to see all the participating Countdown bloggers!


  1. Hey there! This is George Van Orsdel here. Thanks for supporting my old page! I really enjoyed putting together those playlists, unfortunately it got to the point where I couldn't keep up, and up until earlier this year, all the links were still active. Sadly I lost my website server and all the links died. I've been looking for another way to stream them again, but haven't got to it yet. I do appreciate you spreading the good word!

    1. Hi George, thanks for dropping by! I did check your site before posting this because I'd rather have people get it from the source.
      These mixes have been part of my Halloween playlist since I discovered them. Thanks so much for creating them!