Oct 21, 2020

2020 Halloween Hot Wheels - Epic Fast & Twinduction

 I had planned to start Hot Wheels Wednesday last week but didn't receive the cars until the day before. Does it have to be Wednesday? Not really, but who doesn't love an alliterative post title?
Anyway, let's kick off the 2020 Halloween Hot Wheels! 
Any trivia mentioned here was taken from the Hot Wheels Wiki.

The card art never fails to impress year after year. I'm not sure if the cars are escaping the ghost or if it was there to start a drag race, you know like in the movies how a girl stands between the cars and signals them to go? I really dig the jack o'lantern style lighting on the house.

First up is Epic Fast, which is a relatively new model having debuted in 2015. The skull wheels are back with a vengeance this year, you'll be seeing more of them! 
Here's the description from the original card back: 
Check out the ultimate modern racer: The moving center wing helps the car slow and corner, while the twin turbine power plants supply electric power to the storage unit and distribute it to 4 electric motors in the wheels. The future is here and it sure is fast!

Overall, this one is low on the Halloween scale. It's got those skull wheels and uses black and orange with a purple metalflake paint job. I think it looks like an alternate Batmobile design, especially now that I know those wings would flare out while the car is driving!

Twinduction ups the spooky a little with some sort of demon on the side. This model came out in 2011 and that card back description is even more fitting for this new release:

The future version of a Hot Wheels classic muscle car-with a menacing face, muscular haunches, twin induction manifold, and powerful engine. This baby screams power. If you see one in your rear view mirror, let him pass or he'll devour you..

This model was used in 2017 for Yosemite Sam in a Looney Tunes line and as Han Solo in 2018 for a Star Wars series. I really like the paint on this one. It's like the quintessential muscle car red.

We'll have more Halloween Hot Wheels next week, but on Tuesday and Thursday!


Be sure to visit all the other houses with their lights on for you by clicking below.

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