Oct 7, 2020

On Set - Hubie Halloween

The new Adam Sandler movie, Hubie Halloween, premieres today on Netflix. Back in the halcyon days of July 2019, I got to visit one of the shooting locations. I didn't win a contest or anything cool like that, I just happen to live in the area!

I haven't watched the movie yet but from what I've seen and heard, it takes place in Salem and they actually did do some shooting on location. They also used some neighboring cities like Danvers, which is where Hubie's street "set" was located.

They weren't shooting when I went so there were no celeb sightings. But it's a very cool thing to drive into a whole street that is decked out for Halloween in July!

Since it was July, these color changing trees were obviously brought in make it look more like Autumn. I really like the boarded up windows on this house too.

I knew next to nothing about the movie back then but it was pretty obvious this was the main house because it was practically vomiting out Halloween!

There is a big tree in the front yard that sort of splits the view. Here's the right side of the yard with a neighborhood block's worth of decorations!

This house is a little more "normal". I really like it when people do a theme for their decorations.

More ghosts! Using the plant hangers to make it look like the ghosts are flying is a cool idea. Not sure what happened to the two in the bottom left. Flying while drunk?

A death themed yard.

There were a lot more houses on the street that were decorated to some degree. I wonder what it was like for the people that actually live there. I hope they like Halloween! If you do watch the movie, keep an eye out for these houses. Obviously, Hubie's won't be hard to miss.

After filming, some of the decorations were donated to Salem's Witch City Consignment shop to sell. They always have a great Halloween window display.

Be sure to visit all the other houses with their lights on for you by clicking below.


  1. That IS AMAZING! We will be tuning in tonight to watch. I'm sure I will write up a little something for the blog. I'll be back to let you know.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie soon!

  3. Just watched the movie this week and it was cool to see your pictures of the sets. And now we know why that house was boarded up! haha

    1. I figured there had to be some reason, it's not quite normal Halloween decor...but I'd do it to my house if i could!