Oct 27, 2020

2020 Halloween Hot Wheels - Hover & Out & Night Burner

 Let's roll on with the next two Halloween Hot Wheels!

First up we have Hover & Out. I get they're going for over & out but no one pronounces hover like over do they? Anyway, this model debuted in 2018 and this is only the fourth release of it. The original card back offers this description: Is it a car? Is it a plane? It’s the future of driving! Get ready to get airborne with the Hover & Out. It’s powerful dual jets will propel you to tomorrow so you can say "so long!" to the ground!

I don't quite get the design. It's supposed to hover but it has wheels? It's kind of giving me a Wacky Races vibe. At any rate. Hover & Out is the most Halloween vehicle this year in a traditional sense. Black and orange, flaming eyes, and skulls & crossbones down the sides. 

Car four is Night Burner, originally released in 2006. I really like the profile on this one. It's got a 70s futuristic look to it. The Halloween multi-color flames are great. If you're a long time reader, you know how much I appreciate using purple and green.

It has what looks like a vat of some kind in the middle which trails out to an exhaust pipe. Fun fact I would never have figured out on my own: if you blow into the tailpipe, it spins the blades in the vat to make a sound.

Be sure to come back in two days to see the last two vehicles.

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