Oct 28, 2020

Halloween Web - Dann

We're wrapping up the 2020 Halloween Web interviews with a member of the DinoDrac community.

Hi, please introduce yourself for the readers.

I’m Dann, I’ve been following X-E/Dinosaur Dracula since Fall 2000, so this marks 20 years with the community. I have a million sites, but starting last year I began a daily countdown storyline featuring two skeletons and a lot of chaos. The landing page is Dannarchy.

What was Halloween like for you as a kid?

Halloween as a child was, like anything else, a more grandiose experience that stretched from the preparation at school, to the costume parades, parties, and finally trick or treating. Our neighborhood wasn’t ideal for door to door, but I ended up traveling to a friend’s house who lived in a network of interwoven streets that let us travel for hours. Also being in the New England area of the US, there’s a lot of ingrained lore going back to colonial times that add a bit of of the paranormal to everyday life.

 Do you have any special Halloween memories that stand out?

My best memory growing up was with my school’s ‘haunted house’. It wasn’t anything fancy, just a sectioned off area of the school with the lights dimmed and a few stations you could visit to feel peeled grapes and half-cooked spaghetti, or see some giant owl creature. But near the fire exit, there was a coffin with a real person in it. I was small, so I had to be lifted up to see her. She remained deathly still until her eyes opened and she started reaching for me. No jump scare, just the realization that she was aware of my presence and wanted to get me. I kicked my dad so hard, it’s a wonder I had younger siblings. I ran through the paper streamers into the lobby.

 How do you celebrate the holiday today?

Nowadays, I try to live through the kids and rekindle the magic. It think it’s common around age 12 or so to lose it, and have a difficult time finding the proper ‘scare’ from the season. Now I find joy in the d├ęcor shopping and seeing what places like Target offer each year.

 Do you have any annual rituals to get you in the spirit?

My only rituals are to try to visit the pumpkin farms, hit up a haunted walkthrough, and then try new 
things. Sometimes the key element to the season is something I hadn’t yet considered when it began. 

What about favorite music for the season?

October Rust by Type O Negative is a good one to set the mood, but I tend to associate Christmas more so with a soundtrack. I don’t get into spooky music all that much.

 What is it about Halloween that sticks with us as adults?

I think the magic of Halloween is allowing the macabre and darker side out, but in a completely benign and fun way. It isn’t the purge, we just want to feel a little unease for a while before life returns to normal.

Inside the Spookster's Studio
The worst thing to get while trick or treating were Sugar Daddies. My parents were sticklers for sugary things that stick to teeth, and I didn’t care for them anyway.

My favorite thing to get was Peanutbutter Cups

My favorite monster cereal is n/a (Never had them growing up)

Where can folks find you online?
I try to stay active on Instagram (@gosh.zilla) September - December for the holidays.

Again, a huge thanks to Dann and all the Halloween Web participants this year. I always enjoy hearing people's Halloween memories and I'm happy to get to expose these people to a new audience.

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  1. Thank you for the interview. Have a great Halloween.