Oct 30, 2020

A Dynamite Monster Halloween

 Kids of my age no doubt have fond memories of ordering Dynamite magazine from the Scholastic Book Club flyer. As long as I can remember I've loved to read and while I was lucky enough to have an independent book store in town that I could ride my bike to, there was always something special about placing that Scholastic order. Part of it was having to wait a few weeks before your books arrived in school and part of it was these catalogs had stuff you wouldn't find in a book store, like Dynamite!

If you want a shot of nostalgia to the brain (or just want to see what this old guy is talking about), head over to Branded in the 80s where Shawn looks over some 80s book club flyers as well as one from 2011.
Enough dithering down Memory Lane, let's get to the Halloween!

I went on a pretty hard core scouring of the internet and while there are scans of Dynamite covers and the occasional article, complete issues are hard to find anywhere in digital form. I have seriously been considering scooping up magazines from Ebay and scanning them. This stuff needs to be preserved!
A bit of spooky Dynamite trivia: over 100 issues were edited by Jane Stine, wife of author RL Stine! He also contributed the occasional scary story to the magazine under the name Jovial Bob Stine.

Head over to Stranger Finds for the monster related content in the above 1975 issue and view a brand new post featuring stuff I don't have! The chap on the cover is Count Morbida, Dynamite's resident vampire who hosted puzzle pages.
Your visit to the Haunted Library this week will get you some Dynamite monster goodies: magazine covers, a couple of posters, some Count Morbida activity pages, and the complete issue 62 (above). While the cover promises monsters, there's really only 3 pages dedicated to them, but you get a healthy dose of 1979 pop culture too!

Click on the library card below to have a Dynamite Halloween!

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  1. That's so cool you had a bookstore you could order these from. I was bound to the flyers and the monthly dollar it required, so I didn't get all issues. Thanks for the shout out, but it goes to some weird Okalhoma Craigslist site. The actual site is https://garagesalin.blogspot.com/2015/10/dynamite-monster-special.html. I had more Dynamite I wanted to blog about this season, but I guess it will have to wait until next year.

    1. Fixed the link!

      I still had to get Dynamite from school. I was just mentioning having a book store but still getting stuff through Scholastic because it was more aimed at my age.