Oct 12, 2020

Halloween Web - Brandon Clarke

 I am extremely thrilled to be bringing you today's interview subject. He's a local cosplayer that I frequently see around Salem and have run into at a few comic conventions.

Thanks for joining us, please introduce yourself.

My name is Brandon Clarke, I am also known as Brandon the Shapeshifter. I am mostly known for being a cosplayer. I do characters such as Pennywise, Genie, Maleficent, Captain Cold, Doctor Strange, Green Lantern and several other original costumes. I have been cosplaying since 2010, I also recently took up writing and I am working on a ten book horror novel series called Dark Mysteries of the Paranormal. The first three books are now available on Amazon kindle: The Brave and the Wicked, The Ghost of Kyle Sugarbaker, and The Rainbow Dimension. I strive to be taken seriously as an author where I can inspire people with my work. 

What was Halloween like for you as a child?

I grew up in Boston, MA and as a child I can only think of one time when I dressed up. I was a jester and I remember going to a Halloween party. I  didn't really celebrate Halloween as a child. It wasn't until I became an adult and moved to Salem, MA when I truly came into my own and appreciated the magic of Halloween. To be frank, I feel like you have more fun with Halloween as an adult than as a kid. Living in Salem I have blossomed into the artist I know I was meant to be. I have gotten some overwhelmingly positive reactions for my costumes. I have won many contest and made some great friends. My fondest memories of Halloween were me being in Salem. When I was a kid, my neighborhood didn't really celebrate Halloween like that. I would see Trick or Treaters here and there but it wasn't on the level that Salem is. I wish I grew up in Salem because I think I would have grown into my passion a lot faster. But things happen for a reason and it all worked out for the better.

Do you have any special memories of past Halloweens?

The fondest memory I have is when I dressed up as a genie one year and Pennywise another. With the genie, people kept telling me how gorgeous and unreal I looked. It was a flattering experience. Especially when rugged dudes would approach me and tell me they thought I was really beautiful. It was the form of appreciation that I always longed for. There was this one guy in particular who was quite handsome, stopped in his tracks and stared at me for five minutes straight. His mouth was wide open and he begged for a picture. He even gave me a hug and it felt so nice that I was able to effect him on that level. 

The other fond memory was when I cosplayed as Pennywise. Everyone freaked out and they were sincerely terrified of me. It got to the  point where one guy got so scared he threatened to hurt me. I of course stood my ground because I told him to calm his scary ass down, its just a costume. Its not real. But for some reason he had a massive reaction. Then I remember making a lot of children cry and I mean ALOT. I chased a pair of brothers in Harrison Comics Store. They didn't see where they were going. One slammed right into the wall and the other fell into the book case knocking it over. Their parents was just laughing at them the entire time as these two boys were genuinely crying and fearing for there life. I then chased them out of the store and down the street and the whole time they were screaming at the top of there lungs. These are moments that are worth living. (I whole heartedly agree with this! - Ed.)

You mentioned you weren't as into Halloween when you were younger, so what do you do to celebrate today?

I usually make a big spectacle of it, I make sure I do big elaborate costumes and go to the biggest Halloween parties. I love the Salem Haunted Happenings Festival and I enjoy it very much. I also love watching Horror movies and listening to the Monster Mash. 

What is it about Halloween that stays with us as we get older?

I think the magic and creativity of Halloween makes us love it more and more as we get older. Halloween is a fun holiday where you can be creative and the world of fantasy and make-believe can become reality. Halloween is a playground for people with big imaginations.

Inside the Spookster's Studio

The worst thing I got for trick of treating was raisins.

My favorite thing to get was Kit Kats and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

My favorite monster cereal is Count Chocula.

A giant-sized thank you to Brandon for stopping by today. He sent so many amazing photos that I couldn't fit into the interview. Please check him out on Instagram (@BrandonTheShapeshifter) for more fantastic costumes.

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  1. Awesome costumes Brandon. Well done.

  2. Fantastic! I always love reading these interviews! Also, anyone who likes Kit-Kats is OK in my book!