Oct 25, 2019

Haunted Mansion Class Room Record (1976)

Welcome foolish mortals, to the haunted...class room?

Back in 1976, Disney released a Haunted Mansion See Hear Read set. No doubt, spooks of a certain age will have fond memories of these cassette or record and book sets. This one was a little different than your average Read Along, as it was sent to schools.

The original Haunted Mansion Read Along was narrated by Robie Lester, who did the voice of Karen on The Song and Story of the Haunted Mansion album. The classroom version had the dialog redone by Marvin Miller, who was also the announcer on Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl and the voice of Filmation's Aquaman in the late 60s. (Not to be confused with Norman Alden who played Frank on Electra-Woman and Dyna Girl and was the voice of Aquaman on the Super Friends!)

Unlike the original, there are several tracks on this class room edition. The first is a non-reading walk through of the mansion to meet it's inhabitants. The second is a standard read along with the narrator. Both version have you turning the page when you hear Tinkerbell. The last track is only 30 seconds long with a proposed activity for the class after they finish the book.

Some of the information here, came from Doombuggies.com. If you're a Mansion fanatic, definitely stop in for a visit, but make sure you've got time to spare, you may stay awhile.

Click on the Trick or Treaters to get the audio tracks and a pdf copy of the read along book. It's got some great art in it!

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  1. Good stuff! Hope you had a good Halloween!

    1. Thanks! The rain managed to hold off long enough to enjoy most of the night.