Oct 23, 2019

Scooby-Doo - Shaggy & Headless Horseman Figures

Quick programming note: Yes, I know it's Wednesday. No, this is not an Addams Family post. It's pretty much the Wild West from here on out!

A couple or three years ago, Character Ltd released two series of Scooby-Doo figure two packs. Each pack had one of the Scooby gang and one of their villains. At the time, I passed on the Scooby/Headless Horseman pack and have been kicking myself ever since because now it's "hard to find" aka pricey.

Thankfully, Walmart recently released figure repacks for Scooby's 50th Birthday.

For around $6 you get two figures. Obviously they're not amazing quality but for the price, I think they're pretty great. They've got more articulation than I'd expect for "cheap" figures.

My biggest "problem" with Shaggy is that he's got a mouth but they didn't color it in. So he looks a little weird from a distance. I mean if you're going to put the beard lines on his face, would it kill you to color in the mouth?

Note to self: next time get matte finish backdrops not glossy
Ol' Headless has the same points of articulation as Shaggy but his cape (I guess it's a cape?) gets in the way of his full range of movement. At first glance, it looks removable but has a large peg fixing it to his back.

His hands are oddly positioned so that if his arms are anywhere except by his sides he looks like he's doing the robot. His head may not come off but at least he knows how to party!

These should still be available in your local Walmart and for the price they'd make a great Halloween gift for Scooby fans of any age. The girls have been hard to find in my area but Velma has Frankenstein's Monster and Daphne comes with Wolfman, for you classic monster fans.

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  1. I love that Headless Horseman! That is weird that Shaggy is missing his mouth. I've been googling pics of Shaggy to see what his mouth should even look like. Yeah, he should definitely have one... Now I seem to be going down the internet rabbit hole of looking up Scooby-Doo movie stuff.

    1. There are a crazy amount of those movies!