Oct 9, 2019

Addams Family Comic Books

With the Addams Family being around as long as they have, naturally they've made their way into just about every type of media. After their 1972 appearance in the New Scooby Doo Movies (which you can watch here), they were spun off into their own animated series. In 1974, Gold Key released a series of comics based on the animated series.

 The animated series was quite a bit different from the live action show as you can see. For starters, their appearance was more like Charles Addams' original cartoons than their live action counterparts. The family was often on the road in an RV that was part house/part vehicle. They also had a few more pets with them like Ali the alligator and Ocho the octopus.

But if you were looking for more Addams adventures, you'd be a bit disappointed. Each issue of the comic was based on an episode of the animated show. Now this was still the early 70s so a comic where kids could experience their favorite TV shows or movies again wasn't all bad.

Although the show went for 16 episodes, the comic only lasted for three issues. Today, in near mint condition, each issue can fetch over $100, with issue #1 going for slightly more. But thanks to the wonder that is the internet, you don't have to shell out $300+ dollars to read these. If you click on each cover, you can drop these into your digital trick or treat bucket.

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  1. I also blogged about the Addams Family, specifically their 1992 animated series (that I didn't know existed until this week!).

    I will definitely check out these comics. Thanks!

    1. I was a little surprised myself when I started checking into the Family's appearances and found just how much they'd done.

  2. We enjoyed the cartoon as a kid on Saturday Mornings ...
    It had the voices of most of the cast from the TV show

    1. I've always liked the Addams' but never really got into the animated shows until recent years. I still prefer the original :)