Oct 6, 2019

2019 Halloween Hot Wheels - Rigor Motor & Torque Screw

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
It's time for Halloween Hot Wheels!

Maybe my Google Fu ain't what it used to be but I couldn't dig up where this year's Halloween Hot Wheels were going to be pulling into. It used to be Target, then it was some store we don't have in New England, then it was Walgreens. When it got toward the end of September and I hadn't see so much as skid mark, I headed to eBay where I was able to score a set for not much more than retail. Sometimes the convenience out weighs the thrill of the hunt.

Anyway, let's have a look at this years card back!

It's a solid entry, there's no denying it's Halloween but I don't think it's quite as atmospheric as some of the art from previous years.

First up is a long time favorite of mine, Rigor Motor. I've featured this car at least eight other times over the blog's history and it's one of the greats.

Even when the car isn't part of a Halloween wave, it's still brings the spooky! The coffin shaped body and frontal bat adornment make it a perfect addition to the Graveyard Garage. The purple metal flake really makes it shine and the blue is a nice ghostly hue.

I really like that they started adding the year number like this on the cars. It makes it so much easier to figure out when they were released. And of course, we have to welcome back Smiley, the pumpkin logo. Not an official Hot Wheels name in case you were wondering.

Pulling up next is Torque Screw.

This model debuted in 2004 and this is the first time it's been issued in a Halloween edition. It's not quite as high on the creep-o-meter as Rigor Motor but it does have a gnarly wolf on the side.

What it lacks in other areas, it makes up for with a banging sound system. Check out those speakers in the back window! I'm still impressed that Hot Wheels continues to put this level of detail in the cars and they're still just around a buck.

Cruise back next Sunday for another pair of vicious vehicles.

If you want to see all the participants in the Countdown to Halloween, don't fret just click below.


  1. I was looking for my Hot Wheels Halloween Monster Truck this year and couldn't find anything about it! I'm sad. Normally I get an email about it.
    Rigor Motor is pretty cool.

    1. I'm really curious if they have problems finding a store to carry the exclusives every year since they never stay with one place for too long.