Oct 15, 2019

Halloween Web - Rev

It's music week in the Halloween Web! Today's guest is a musician from the Boston area, although I think musician is too tame of a word to describe him!

Tell the folks a bit about yourself.

My name is Rev, I currently play bass in The Evil Streaks (Spooky garage/surf) and The Negans (Horror Punk.) Before that I was in Mongrel (Punk/Metal), American Hellbilly (Rob Zombie Tribute Band) and I occasionally play live bass for Transdusk (Industrial). I used to have a podcast dedicated to Horror movies and local music called The Cabinet of Dr. Reverend, and I am also host of the Betsi Feathers burlesque troupe.
The Negans have a show at Riverside BBQ in Nashua NH on Oct 18th and Oct 25th at the 13th Floor in Florence MA. The Betsi Feathers have a show Oct 19th. The Evil Streaks will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary on Dec 13th at Ralph's in Worcester.

What was Halloween like for you as a kid?

As a small child I grew up in rural Maine. In October my parents would drive us by Stephen King's house in Bangor and see it all done up. Apparently he'd do a haunted house but I was too young to get to experience it. As for Trick or Treating, I just remember a lot of cold Halloween nights and hopping in and out of my parent's car to ring doorbells because the distance between houses was too far to walk.

Any particular memories you'd like to share?

My favorite Halloween memory was back in middle school going trick or treating with my friends. I was living in West Hartford CT, so we could walk to the houses. On Main Street there was a house set back from the road with a very long driveway. Being brave middle schoolers we walked all the way down the driveway and came to the front door of a mansion! We rang the doorbell, and a short balding old man answered the door in a robe. Behind him was a small child dressed as a ghost. He told us that he rarely gets trick or treaters but does have some candy for us, he just needs to figure out where he put it. He tells us to stay by the door as he starts walking from room to room in this huge house. The small child who is standing by the door with us has a devilish grin on his face. After a few minutes he leans in and says, "He's not going to find the candy. I stole and hid it from him." We laugh and the old man comes back looking a bit frantic and explains that he can't find the candy. He then takes out his wallet and gives us $7 and tells us to split it among the five of us! The only problem was, we were middle schoolers. We weren't that great at math, nor did we have change!

What about a favorite costume?

When was I was 5 I didn't know what to be for Halloween, so my parents threw together a costume for me. It was a doctor outfit, but with clown makeup. We called it Dr. Clown. Well apparently it had a resemblance to Groucho Marx, so all of the members at my father's rotary club loved it and I ended up winning the children's costume contest!
In High School, my friends decided to go out Trick or Treating one last time. We all put on suits, borrowed suitcases and went as insurance salesmen or lawyers. Well, it didn't last long. The first house thought we were a bit too old to be Trick or Treating, the second gave us candy, the third had a nice chat with us and then shut the door in our face. We then gave up. That was the last time I went Trick or Treating.

How do you celebrate these days?

Being in Spooky bands my Octobers are usually filled with playing shows. Because I miss the chance to celebrate with my friends I'll often host a Post-Halloween party in November. That gives everyone one last chance to wear their costumes and to get rid of all the left over candy they didn't give out!

Do you have any yearly rituals to get in the Halloween spirit?

My big yearly ritual is trying to watch a horror movie a day in October. I have been doing it for years and I've never succeed in watching all 31 movies, but I try every year and I can't wait for this year's! I'm going to be using HorrorHound Magazine's list this year. They give you a theme for each day, so it's not just a random horror movie everyday. Hopefully I'll have time to do it all!

Why do you think we hold on to Halloween as we get older?

As a child Halloween is full of fun activities. You get to dress up and pretend to be something you're not plus you get free candy! As an adult there's something about the imagery that's still cool and helps bring back the joys of childhood. When I curl up on the couch and watch a black & white horror movie, while eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, I'm basically trying to recreate the wonder and joy of my experiencing it again like the first time.

Inside the Spookster's Studio

The worst thing to get while trick or treating was  Almond Joys or Mounds were the worst. As a child, I hated coconut and have since not learned to appreciate it.

My favorite thing to get was fun sized 3 musketeers or crunch bars

My favorite monster cereal is Fruit Brute! (Ah, a man that appreciates the finer things!)

A big thanks to Rev for joining us today. You can find him on Instagram and if you're in the market for new music, check out The Negans (FB) and The Evil Streaks (FB)! There are links to their Bandcamp pages at the top of the interview.

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  1. Love the song! Great interview but Almond Joy is the best Halloween Candy EEEEeeeeeever!!!

    1. Coconut has no place in candy, good day sir! :)