Oct 18, 2019

2019 Halloween Pez

In 2018, we got two brand new Halloween Pez characters. This year, we only got one new character but also a handful of something new!

The newest character is Vampire Bat! He's quite a bit different from the last bat from 10 years ago. This guys looks a lot cuter and a bit cartoonish.

Just like last year's Halloween Pez, one of the candy flavors he comes with is Candy Corn. It's not quite candy corn but it's good enough.

The other new thing for this year is a set of 6 mini Pez dispensers.

So far I have only found these in Walgreens. They come in a larger bag and are individually packaged with a roll of candy. The bag retails for $9.99 and you get 2 of each design. I had no idea these were coming so it was a fun surprise to find them. Along with Hot Wheels, new Pez is one of the highlights of the Halloween season for me.

I really like the designs on these mini ones. They're perfect for even smaller children and they look great on display together. I wouldn't be surprised if Pez does something similar for Christmas. These are pretty much screaming stocking stuffer.

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  1. I also saw the mini PEZ at Kroger / Smith's Grocery / Fred Meyer. I think they have sold out, kind or wish I'd pulled the trigger on these.