Oct 19, 2011

Countdown to 10/31 - Hitchhiking Jedi?

Wow, I can't believe it's less than two weeks to Halloween! While the weather in New England has cooled to autumn average, the leaves haven't starting changing color much. For me, having dead leaves underfoot is to Halloween what snow is to Christmas Day.

Today's venture into the Mansion is a bit of a rerun, but updated and improved! One of the tracks in Monday's post featured The Song and Story from the Haunted Mansion taken from an original LP (that's old timey speak for "album," kids, those large black disc things before CDs). Today we give you a nice digital version along with clean artwork from the booklet that was included with the album.

And because I normally post something Star Wars related on Wednesday and I'm talking about the Haunted Mansion this week, here's some Photoshop stuff I did when I went to the parks for Star Wars Weekends years ago.


  1. I love the photo shop pictures. nice work

  2. I got my postcard! It is super awesome! Thank you! Photo coming soon!