Oct 28, 2011

Countdown to 10/31 - Suggested Listening

You may want to go grab a snack and get comfy before proceeding...

If you're looking for new Halloween music to go with your weekend activities, you came to the right place! No matter who you are or your taste in music, at least one of these should appeal to you. They're listed in no particular order of favoritism but instead I'll start with the "lighter" sounds and move onto heavier ones.

Kristen Lawrence
I'd be ok with calling Kristen the Musical Mistress of Halloween. She coined the term Halloween Carols to describe her songs, and really, why has it taken this long for anyone to do that? Her music is inspired as much by Bach as Danny Elfman/Oingo Boingo. Her vocals can be ethereal, lending an extra spooky touch to her haunting music.

Dan Blakeslee aka Dr Gasp and the Eeks
If Kristin is the Mistress of Halloween Music, then Dr Gasp is the Imp King. I've been seeing the Doctor usually twice a year as part of my Halloween regimen. In addition to his October show, he also performs around May for a Springalloween show (photos). It's very similar to his Halloween show, just in the Spring! His folksy acoustic style, vocal range and quirky lyrics make him a must for any Halloween fiend. If you only get one album, you'll want Halloween Special.
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The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets
Rock out with your Cthuluhu out! This band's songs frequently include references to the Cthulhu Mythos...if the entire song is not outright dedicated to it. Their song "Shhh...." was featured as DLC in Rock Band. I "discovered" them when they opened for They Might Be Giants at GenCon one year.
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Zombina and the Skeletones
ZATS is a band I could gush about constantly. They are one of my favorite bands on the planet! They're just as much punk rock as they are doo-wop and surf. And they somehow manage to fit infectious pop in there too. Their songs frequently have B-movie inspired lyrics and are a lot of fun. One of their best songs is "The New Orleans Incident" which tells how the band is stalked and killed off one by one. As each death happens, that band member drops out of the song. That is genius, right there, folks! Their concept album, Death Valley High, is an amazing showcase of just how diverse they are. 

This is the video for the newest single, Teenage Caveman Beat Gargantua. 
I think it gives you a good idea of what they're about.

 If you never thought you needed more western influenced music in your ears, this is the band to change your mind. But they're more "drifter waiting in the dirty alley behind the saloon looking for a fight" than cowboy. The first, and probably only, band to be called "Cowpunk" they are a blend of horrorpunk and psychobilly with heavy spaghetti western influences.

 Self described as "The Misfits meets Ramones meets The Damned." These guys are also high on my favorite band list. When performing, they are fierce, hammering their instruments (especially drummer Davey) and belting out horror laced lyrics and frequent "whoooaaa"s. Off stage, they're guys that you want to hang out with and total geeks (in a good way). I got to hang out with them a bit after their recent Providence, RI show (gig photos)

These Finnish heavy metal shock rock monsters draw a lot of inspiration from Kiss. They even refuse to be photographed without their makeup. They have done unmasked interviews, but the band is always shot from behind so their faces are obscured. They may look fierce but their songs are generally in the horror B-movie vein.

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  1. Wow, what a smorg of Halloween music! There is so much here depending on your mood and the scene you want to set. I love Kristen Lawrence (very much like Loreena McKennitt). Dr Gasp and the Eeks are a lot of fun, wish this guy was my neighbor. Darn, wish I hadn't passed up on that talking fish I saw at a garage sale this summer!
    Ghoultown is a personal favorite. Great post.