Oct 25, 2011

Countdown to 10/31 - Playmobil Figures

Over the years Playmobil has released, and re-released, a variety of Halloween themed figures. Some releases are in a regular Playmobil box and other times they've been in plastic pumpkins (see mummy photo below). A few Octobers ago, I found out about these figures and decided I had to get them all for my Halloween collection...and a few others that fit in well with the Halloween theme.

Obviously, I enjoy these because they are Halloween related, but the other thing I like about the non-Trick or Treaters is that they are spooky and creepy figures in a toy line aimed at young kids. You can click on any of the images below to see larger versions. The haunted house backdrop was found at a dollar store.

A group of Trick or Treaters with loot.
Dragon - The eyes on his mask glow in the dark. Not sure if the Jack-O-Lantern thing is a balloon or something else. You can't see it very well here, but the costume has a tail to it also.
Tiger - This one also has a tail. I like that they made some kid-sized figures.
Devil - Again, costume has a tail. Also a red cape and pitchfork!
Witch - Her top has a flying bat and the skirt has a night sky.
Wizard (not pictured) - There is a child Wizard that either I can't find or don't have. He has a purplish robe (covered in stars), wizard hat, white beard and magic wand.

Here is the mummy/skeleton set that came in a plastic pumpkin.

Yarrr, here be pirates. The all have glow in the dark faces and bones. The one on the left came with the aforementioned child wizard and I don't remember where the one on the right came from. The one in the middle was part of a recent line of undead pirate sets. So technically he's not playing dress up like the other two...Uh oh...

Gh-gh-gh-ghosts! I'm not sure who thought a black ghost was a good idea, that is very odd. The two on the right have "normal" people under their sheets. The one on the left has a ghostly person with bones, a very pale face and white hair. Another one not dressing up for Halloween! He has a ball and chain and all his white parts glow in the dark.

This is actually two sets combined: the Scarecrow and Forest Witch. I think the thing on the witch's head is supposed to be some type of head-wrap a la your stereotypical Hollywood gypsy fortune teller. The Scarecrow set also comes with a little wagon and a child. Where has that kid gotten to now?
Oh, there he is! Well, as long as he's smiling...
Finally, here's a couple of gentlemen you don't want to meet in an alley...or anywhere else! The Reaper is available now in Playmobil's blind bag series of figures. The dapper Vampire was released both as a special and in a pumpkin. Both figures glow in the dark.

One more figure that was late for the photo shoot is the Executioner. Why did they make an Executioner for a kids toy line? I have no idea. There is a newer version of him that looks a little different available in the blind bagged figure series that the Reaper came from.

If you're looking for more Tricks n Treats, be sure to visit the main list of bloggers over at Countdown to Halloween by clicking on the good doctor below.


  1. Wow, those are sweet looking Playmobile figures. The Vampire and Reaper are great.

  2. I love Playmobile figures! You have some awesome ones too. The skeleton/mummy that comes in a pumpkin is one of my favorites. The pirates are very cool too. What's funny is that I thought you had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde set, when it turns out you have a reaper and a vampire. :) Standing together, they fooled me! I love the kid in the witch's cauldron - you turned that into a Hansel and Gretel set.

  3. I think there were two more sets that had undead pirates in them. One was a pirate riding a giant crab and the other just had 3 pirates. Since I wasn't going to redo Pirates of the Caribbean in Playmobil, I passed on them.

  4. Holy cow I did not realize that they had so many. I need to find that reaper!