Oct 13, 2011

Countdown to 10/31 - Contest Winners

There will not be a list of winners and their prizes posted so that everyone can be experience the thrill of emptying a full Trick or Treat bag at the end of the night and be surprised by what they got. Messenger imps (what? owls are too expensive!) have been sent to the winners. Please check your spam folder for mail from AEIOUwhy13...you get what you pay for with imps! If you do not respond by October 15th, no prize for you!

The Trick or Tweet Halloween Giveaway was a great success for a fledgling blog (I think?). We had around 60 entries from over 30 different people. Winners will be sent their loot as soon as our prize goblins can stop slapping each other and get their act together. I knew I shouldn't have let them watch The 3 Stooges! Good help is so hard to summon these days...

Winners are invited, but not required, to send in a photo of themselves (their pet, child, and/or complete strangers) with their loot and I will post the photos here. If you want to send a photo of you in Halloween costume with your stuff, so much the better. Photos can be sent to aeiouwhy13 at gmail.com

I'd like to thank everyone for participating, especially those that helped by spreading the word through the interwebs. And also a big thanks to contest sponsor Strange Kids Club for a copy of their Strange Kid Comix anthology #2, which is still available for sale. If you're a fan of horror movies, video games and vintage horror comics, you really need to check this out!

Now that the contest is over, you're invited to stick around for the rest of our Countdown to Halloween and check out our archives that have some audio Tricks and Treats for download. We're not binding you to the spot, but we hope you'll stick around this crazy place and tell your friends about us.

Photos after the break

Here's out first grand prize winner photo via @smurfwreck of Branded in the 80s. There were 4 costumed black cats sent out to random people as part of their prize. Not sure what will happen if they are ever brought together again...it could be CATastrophic!

Another winner, Justine, the Mistress of Halloween (you can totally use that if you want, royalty free!) also got her prize pack and blogged about it.

@jondavidguerra, spooky artist and creator of the monster wrestling comic, Nightmare Pro Wrestling, got a postcard from us.

Slowdeath77 showed off their postcard at horrorsmorgasbord

Leader of the Strange Kids Club, Rondall Scott, let me know that his rock arrived yesterday.


  1. Glad to hear there was such a good turnout for the contest man!

  2. Happy to hear so many people took part

  3. Count on me to stick around! Glad you had a great turn out.

  4. Haha! "The Mistress of Halloween" Yeah, I'll take that. :) I thought Elvira had claimed that title already, but she might be "Mistress of the Dark".