Oct 14, 2011

Countdown to 10/31 - Scar Stuff

...And speaking of Jason from Scar Stuff, a few years ago he put together some wonderful custom compilations. You can view the original post and download these compilations here. He even made some great spook show inspired covers for them.

Sadly, Jason only updates Scar Stuff once a year around this time. But before that, he shared a haunted house full of classic Halloween music and sound effect albums. I don't know where my own digital collection would be if not for him. Please go check out his update for this year: a Halloween stop motion video made with his iPhone and Hipstamatic. And while you're there, check out last year's video too, it's fangtastic!

If you're looking for more Tricks n Treats, be sure to visit the main list of bloggers over at Countdown to Halloween by clicking on the good doctor below.

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