Oct 30, 2011

Countdown to 10/31 - Hot Wheels

For the past several years Wal-Mart and Target have each had their own exclusive Halloween themed Hot Wheels. I have to give a slight edge to Target because they always package their cars in a 5-pack which makes it easy to get all the cars at once.

If you want to see what's come before, our pal Monsterfink did a great two part history with photos over on his blog: Part 1 & Part 2

Since he did such a bang up job covering those releases, I'm going to post about some other non-Halloween Hot Wheels cars. That's right, it's the day before Halloween and I'm making a post about non-Halloween branded toys! We also got a little snow last night. Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

Every time I'm in the toy aisles (which is at least once a week) I always check out the Hot Wheels to see if there's any that I feel would be at home in my Halloween Garage.

These aren't specifically branded for Halloween, but I think you'll agree the look the part.
These are all 2011 releases. Bottom to Top they are:

Skull Crusher - First released 2010 as a Color Shifter Demon (turns different colors when it's hot or cold). I like the metallic gold on this one much better.
Hammerhead - First released 2011. This car was designed by NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. Orange & black, you can't go wrong!
Custom '53 Chevy - First released 2007. I really like this one because it's in the secondary Halloween colors (purple & green). The hood is also transparent.
Evil Weevil - First released 1986/WalMart Fright Car 2008. It's a giant bug on wheels!

Not quite Ghost Rider but very cool! You can see the rider's brain and arm/leg bones. The translucent blue gives him a very phantasmic look.

You may be thinking "Gee, there's something missing here." And you'd be right. Our favorite flavored Frankenstein has his own van but I haven't been able to hunt it down in stores yet.

This spooky tour bus is the only entry not from this year. It's actually from the 80's. I came across it on eBay while hunting for other Halloween Hot Wheels and it was too cool to pass up!

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  1. I'm several years late with this comment (although my excuse is that I JUST found this awesome blog), but I wanted to tell you that the bus at the bottom of your list is from a 2003 Haunted Highway 2-pack.