Oct 21, 2011

Countdown to 10/31 - A Swinging Wake

Swinging Wake by Shag
If you're not familiar with Shag's art, you really should be! He's got a fun, unique 50's retro style.

The ballroom in the Haunted Mansion is probably my favorite part of the ride. There's just so much going on there you really have to go through a few times to see take it all in. The dueling portraits and the organist are my favorite gags. If you've ever wondered how this room works, head over to Doombuggies.com but be warned, it may remove some of the magic! 

Fun fact: Did you know the organ in DisneyLand's Haunted Mansion is the same organ used in the movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?

For today's Swinging Wake, we bring you some ghastly grooves sure to brighten up any tomb. There's 13 remixes and mashups all involving the Mansion.


  1. I LOVE SHaG! I've got 2 tattoos of his art on me. One is his black cat image as a memorial att for my cat, Cosmos and the other is a Bone Daddy skeleton wearing a smoking jacket and holding a martini glass. Yea, I LOVE his art that much! His stuff for Disney is amazing and highly addictive to collect.

  2. Hiii! I found you through the lovely Ms. Justine! So I had to check out your awesome blog with cool name. :P Shag's artwork looks very cool, I love the retro effect! Awesome creepy music!