Oct 13, 2011

Countdown to 10/31 - Sounds to Make You Shiver

I have a large digital collection of old Halloween records that I've amassed over the years. And while it's nigh impossible to remember what I got from where, I'm pretty sure this one came from Scar Stuff. This was a fantastic resource for Halloween audiophiles for quite some time. And for that, I say the Halloween community as a whole owes a debt of gratitude to its keeper, Jason.

Anyone that's heard Sounds to Make You Shiver no doubt remembers the announcer at the beginning saying "So you want to visit a haunted house, hmmm?" This is probably one of the more popular Halloween albums so a lot of you may have it already. But what you may not have is Harvey Midnight's Shiver Extras which feature remixes of tracks from the album. You can click here to read more about those.

The Side 2 sound effects aren't too bad for this type of album.
The Witches Laugh was used in the song Halloween Dance on the album Halloween Hootenanny.
The woman screaming for Screams & Groans sounds pretty tortured.
However, the Moans & Groans track sounds like it was taken from an adult film.
The human made sounds for Cats and Hooting Owl are hilarious.

DOWNLOAD the original and remix

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  1. This is one of my all time favorite albums (and album covers!) - I even painted my own take on that iconic art a few years ago. Never knew about the 'remixes' - can't wait to check'em out. Thanks for this. I miss Scar Stuff too!