Oct 2, 2011

Countdown to 10/31 - Halloween Hootenanny

One focus of my Countdown will be Halloween and horror inspired music. I'm not talking about those horrible compilations that get pushed on the "regular people" year after year. You know the ones that include songs that have something vaguely Halloween related in the title (ie: witch, moon, magic). They might be ok for Joe Schmoe's Halloween party, but
I. Despise. Them.
I may not say a lot about each particular album but my intent with these posts is to introduce you to something you didn't know about and get you to check it out. And there may just be a little virtual Trick or Treat handout in some music posts if you pay attention.

Halloween Hootenanny is an album that changed my life. It introduced me to modern Halloween music and led me to some really great bands I probably never would have heard of otherwise. This album was the first step on a very long path to discovering new horror bands. A path I am still happily stalking down to this day. I'd been a fan of Alice Cooper and Rob/White Zombie (concert photos) but I had always presumed they were the only horror music acts out there. This album also introduced me to Zacherley. I know, I know. For a Halloween Junkie, I should have known about him long before this.

There's something in my DNA that loves 50's culture and this album features quite a few artists that play rockabilly and surf. I've always enjoyed both types of music but never really sought it out to listen to, I've always been more of a metal guy. The Bomboras and The Ghastly Ones quickly became favorites and I tracked down every CD of theirs I could get. I was lucky enough to catch the Ghastly Ones on their East Coast tour in 2007 (photos). That night also introduced me to a whole new local scene including the annual Feast of Flesh which is a crazy night of music, burlesque and horror movies. There should be a follow up posting on this down the road, stay tuned!

As much as I love both those bands, the runaway Halloween discovery from this collection was The Dead Elvi. They contributed a ridiculously catchy song about my favorite Universal Monster called The Creature Stole My Surfboard. These guys know how to make some rockin' Halloween music! They might be horror rock, but they're all about the golden age of B movies so there's no violent imagery in their lyrics. They even have a song called John Agar Rules, how awesome is that? Bad for you, but good for them, their first two albums have sold out. You can download The Creature Stole My Surfboard for free from their website. And you can grab their latest on iTunes.

My favorite song from Halloween Hootenanny is No Costume, No Candy by The Swinging Neckbreakers because it is just so Halloween to me. Trick or Treating and costumes are a big part of why I love Halloween. A couple years ago a minivan pulled up on our street and about 5 kids got out with no costumes at all. Not even trying...lucky for them, my wife is in control of the candy bowl.

Yeah the spooks come out tonight, it's time to trick or treat
You better answer your door, or find your pumpkin smashed in the street
I've got my costume and candy, and I'm ready for Halloween
But when I answer my door, you know I can't believe what I'm seein'
They got no costumes on, they got no makeup on their face
They're just a-lookin like burglars with their flashlights and pillowcase
and I said :
Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me somethin good to eat
No costume, no candy
from me

There are so many things that you could be on Halloween night
You could be a zombie, or you could be Frankenstein
If you're a cheap with a sheet, you could be a ghost or a mummy
But when you come to my door as you are, let me guess, you're a dummy
Masquerades on parade, what you gonna be on Halloween?
They got a million and one ideas down at the costume scene
It's not the trick or the treat, it's the sweets, these kids ain't hellbound
but with no costumes on, I'm afraid I'm gonna shut you out.

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  1. Thanks for dropping some science on the Halloween themed tunes. I just heard about "Halloween Hootenanny" the other day and must add it to my collection.