Oct 15, 2011

Countdown to 10/31 - Monster Underwear? (Under there!)

Remember that post about soil from Dracula's Castle where I said it was probably the one of the odder things I would post about this month? Well, this ad from Famous Monsters of Filmland #132 (1977) is the one that takes the cake...

Click for a larger version...if you dare!
There's nothing the ladies love more than a man in nylon bikini briefs...unless those briefs say Eerie or Creepy on them! Not only that, but they have full color, monsterrific horror inspired artwork on them. Line forms to the left, ladies.

In case you don't know why the briefs say Eerie and Creepy (other than the fact that they describe them perfectly) it's because those were two popular horror comics published by Warren, the same publisher of Famous Monsters.

If you're looking for more Tricks n Treats, be sure to visit the main list of bloggers over at Countdown to Halloween by clicking on the good doctor below.


  1. I would kill for some of those awesome chonies!
    So cool!

  2. Those are awesome! They need to be selling these today!

  3. Wow. And I thought the ghost boxers at Target were cool.

  4. Um... There's something weird about those images on this style of briefs. I don't think I'll be lining up on the left, but thanks for the laugh! :)

  5. I think I'd prefer NOT to see these in real life. I had a brief thought of my husband's beer belly and those underneath....NOOOOOOOOO!!

  6. Squeeze Hugh Jackman into a pair and you've got my attention!



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