Oct 25, 2015

It's Not Halloween without Vincent Price

No Countdown to Halloween would be complete without mentioning Mr. Vincent Price. Today marks the 22nd anniversary of his passing. If you want to keep up with all things Price-related, head on over to VincentPrice.com and join the mailing list. You'll get a weekly email from his a daughter Victoria and she always includes some type of family photo.

She also has a blog titled the Daily Practice of Joy where she writes about her experiences traveling  and meeting her dad's fans. She has a great piece up today. It's long but absolutely worth the read. The world would be a better place if we all lived life like Vincent Price.

Here's a few clips

Price reads Poe's The Raven.

Kermit hosting the Tonight Show! Not only is Price here but Uncle Deadly makes a cameo. And it's classic Deadly, not the toned down version he is on The Muppets now.

Another winning duo. This clip is more Elvira (also very appropriate!) but Price's reactions also make it worth watching.

A montage of a clean-shaven Price riding roller coasters.

Take some time today to celebrate Vincent Price!
Watch one of his movies (Here's my Top 10)
Find one of many audio YouTube videos

Before you run off to check out all the Cryptkeepers at Countdown to Halloween, here is today's audio Trick or Treat mix: Fears of a Clown

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