Oct 23, 2015

Trading Treat - Creature Feature (1973)

Man, it's amazing the things you find when you start moving coffins around in the crypt!

While the 70s might be more remembered as a scifi/space decade, it was also the tail end of the Golden Age of the Classic Monsters. In 1973, Topps released a sequel to their popular You'll Die Laughing illustrated monster trading cards called Creature Feature.

Because they kept the same card backs from the first series, it's also known as the 2nd series of You'll Die Laughing. To add to the confusion, in 1980 Topps released another set called Creature Feature!

5 cents for a wax pack of nothing but monsters! I'd say "Ah, the good ol' days." but during these days, I wasn't even old enough to walk to the corner store on my own, never mind be into these groovy ghoulies.

This 128 card set has movie monsters with witty captions on the front...

and grade school jokes on the back.

Another peculiar thing about this set: all of the non-monster actor faces were replaced with shots of Topps employees! Strange but true!

Say trick or treat and grab the whole digital set, fronts and backs
 to bask in their monstery goodness!

Before you run off to check out all the Cryptkeepers at Countdown to Halloween, here is today's audio Trick or Treat mix: Beware the Boogie Man!

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