Oct 15, 2015

Audio Treat - Famous Ghost Stories with Scary Sounds

Here's a little treat for you from the archives: Famous Ghost Stories with Scary Sounds!

This LP (that's short Long Play record for you young'uns) was released in 1975 on the Mr Pickwick label. The voice actor is Wade Denning. Aside from working in children's music, he's probably most well known for composing the H-A-LL-O-W-EE-N song.

This is the type of album that you might have listened to as a kid and it would have scared the pants off of you. The voice acting is great and there's always something about the scratch and hiss of a needle on vinyl that adds extra spookiness.

It's got a couple of well known stories like The Tell-Tale Heart and The Headless Horseman. It also has The Railroad Signal-man by Charles Dickens, which for some reason I remember. I probably read it in one of those ghost story anthologies when I was in middle school. You know the type, a well worn hardcover with psychedelic spooky art.

Grab it here and prepare for the scare!

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  1. I still have my album!!! It was my brother's and he gave it to me. I've never heard that 'H-A-LL-O-W-EE-N' song! BEYOND AWESOME!!!

    1. That's awesome that you have the album! And that Halloween song is definitely one of the all time greats.