Oct 1, 2015

Build-a-Bear Halloween

Welcome to October 1st, the Countdown to Halloween has begun!
Every post this month will have a special treat of a Halloween mix at the end of it, so be sure to stick around to the very end!

Weather permitting, I'll be at the annual Salem Haunted Happenings parade when this posts. There may or may not be photos at a later date. They never seem to come out well.

If you'd like to watch, it will live stream starting between 6-6:30pm Eastern.
Salem Parade Live Stream

To kick things off, I'm going to go over this year's Build-A-Bear Halloween offerings because they have knocked it right out of the park this year! They've had some great things in the past and the seasonal animals usually sell out by, if not before, mid-October.

But this year, they have three different animals!

First is the 16" cuddly zombie bear. He's still smiling even though he's missing an eye, a piece of an ear, and has stuffing coming out of him. On the right is the corresponding zombie costume (sold separately) which you could also use to dress up a non-zombie animal to look like they've been living on the streets.

 Next is the 16" Boo-riffic Bat with glow-in-the-dark ears. So cute!

A-oooooo! What's that? It's a pair of Werewolves! The 17" Howl-o-ween Werewolf is similar to last year's Moons-A-Glow Werewolf that I missed out on because I waited too long to get him. But Moons-A-Glow has been reincarnated this year into a smaller Build-A-Bear Buddy. As you might guess, both have glow-in-the-dark ears and feet.

If I get the larger Werewolf, I think I may have to get the Zombie costume for him to make him look like he recently transformed.

If for some reason none of these appeal to you, you could still get a Halloween outfit for any Build-A-Bear creation.

But if one of these seasonal spookies does appeal to you, I'd recommend getting them as soon as you can to make sure you don't miss out. Don't have a Build-A-Bear near you?
 Shop online!

Sadly, for me, this post was in no way sponsored by Build-A-Bear.

Before you run off to check out all the Cryptkeepers at Countdown to Halloween, here's the first of the audio Trick or Treat mixes called Score Returns.


  1. I love that werewolf! How cute. I had no idea that Build-A-Bear made Halloween themed animals.

    1. Yes, they've been doing them for a long time. There was a period of a few years where they weren't very good but they seem to have gotten back on track.
      In past years when they only did a single animal, they usually sold out quickly. I may just be going this weekend :)
      Btw, I totally thought of you when I saw that orange outfit. Something about it just screamed Justine at me.

    2. I can see why! I would totally wear that if they made it in a human size! :)

  2. Those are some Build-A-Bears I can get behind. Ha

  3. I love that Boo-Riffic Bat! Too bad I can't find it anywhere... Oh, well, at least I have Midnight Shimmer.

    1. The limited ones definitely get harder to find after they're gone