Oct 16, 2015

Halloween Web - PyrateGurl77

Today's Halloween Web victim is someone I just recently "met" through our mutual Halloween-lovin Twitter friend Justine'sHalloween.

For the people that may not know you, tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! My name's Melody and most people probably know me either from Twitter or Facebook.

What was Halloween like in your neighborhood as a kid?

I was born in California but spent most of my life in Georgia where Halloween nowadays is frowned upon as being "The devil's day" and they like to turn it into harvest festivals and water it down. I don't have a lot of Halloween memories from my childhood since my parents were part of a church that forbade the celebration of Halloween. I do remember being on the bus on Halloween morning and being envious of all the kids who'd be in their costumes as they were being picked up. The school would have parties all day long, show movies. After I got older and into my 20s I decided I'd missed out on a lot and wanted to celebrate the day on my own. Now I go the whole nine yards to make up for what I missed as a kid! I've always lived in rural areas where no trick or treaters come to the door because of the houses being too far apart. Its more the kind of place where you'd go for a hayride in the moonlight. I still decorate my yard though, regardless of there not really being anybody to appreciate it but me and my family! 

Do you have a particularly fond/funny/scary Halloween memory?

I do have a kind of funny memory from a couple of yrs ago when I dressed as a zombie clown and the kids in a particular neighborhood thought I was a man. One even told me I shouldn't be there he was so creeped out. But when he found out I was a female and was accompanying my daughter the laugh was on him and he ended up giving what was left of his parents' candy to my little girl!

Any favorite costumes from Halloweens past?

My very first costume was a witch and I went trick or treating for the first time when pregnant with my daughter!

What do you do to celebrate now, out in the real world?

One of my favorite things to do is make a cemetery in the front yard, complete with fence and tombstones.

Do you have any yearly rituals?

My favorite albums to listen to this season are the soundtrack to The Haunting and one other that's a mix of theme songs from horror movies through the years like Pyscho etc.  For movies I usually chose from the Halloween series, Sleepy Hollow or the Final Destination series. And then for a scary visit me, my daughter and husband go to a "haunted train depot" that is decorated and has actors inside of it who chase you with chainsaws etc ;)

What do you think it is about Halloween that keeps it in our hearts as we get older?

I think Halloween stays in our hearts because no matter how old we get its still a chance to put on a role and be someone or something else for a day. Its about the old world where our ancestors came from and about what's on the other side and its about fantasy too.  Sometimes I enjoy the "role playing" so much I have a hard time deciding from three or four different costumes! I've done the Annabelle doll and a female devil, a pirate, witch, vampire and an angel. This year its a toss between a Gothic bride and Red Riding Hood.

Inside the Spookster's Studio

The worst thing to get while trick or treating was those nasty Mary Janes in the black and orange wrappers and the little Dum Dum suckers

My favorite thing to get was...I'm such a lover of gummy candy that for me it'd be the best thing in the treat bag!  Oh and Reese's peanut butter cups/pumpkins, Twix, York patties, orange slices and blow pops ;)

A big thanks to Melody for joining the festivities this year!
Don't forget to grab today's audio mix before you trick or treat your way through all the houses doing the Countdown to Halloween!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this. Glad to bring you guys together. :) It will be interesting to see which costume you decide on this year, Melody. Nobody likes those Mary Jane candies, hey? It's enough to make you wonder why they're still being sold! They seriously seem to be everyone's least favorite. I should read some more of these interviews, Dex. This is actually the first one I read through this year!

    1. You can never have too many spooky friends :)
      I think it's a close call between Mary Jane's and circus peanuts as least favorite candy. I definitely think they're more of a nostalgia thing, I don't know any younger people that like them.

  2. I'm glad we got together too since there aren't too many people in my area who go all out for Halloween the way I do. Most treat it as a "Harvest festival" because I live in the bible belt of the south. So its refreshing to find others who love it too! Justine and Dex I can't imagine why Mary Janes or circus peanuts or even candy corn is still sold today! Candy corn kills my teeth since its so sweet but I guess out of the three nasty candies its slightly better than Mary Janes! Thanks for giving me the chance to speak up ;)

    1. Oh, I didn't realize you were one of *those* people. Candy corn hater!!
      I know some people don't like it but it is heresy to me :)

      I keep seeing more "harvest festival" events every year too and they're usually after Halloween but still have jack-o-lanterns on their signs!?