Apr 8, 2014

Hallmark 2014 Dream Book Highlights

I know! I know! We're still just barely into Spring but the Hallmark Dream Book catalog for 2014 arrived the other day and there's some cool stuff in it. I know not everyone gets the catalog so I wanted to share some highlights with my fellow pop culture enthusiasts.

Hallmark Vacation, Gonzo, & Delorean

Two, count 'em, two Vacation ornaments! One Christmas and one original flavor. I'm looking forward to hearing what comes out of the Gonzo one when you push his button. And a flying DeLorean. I bet that will look cool hanging on the tree with its light up effects.

If you take a quick peek at the red text down by Bats' feet, it sure doesn't look like it says Holy Hit, does it?
Hallmark Crazy Batman 2014

I don't particularly care for this one but I had to share the sheer weirdness of the pose they used. Couldn't they have put his hand a little more over his face like he's doing that V thing over the eye? Instead it looks like he stepped on a LEGO someone left on the Batcave floor. It was probably Bane.

Hallmark Jack Skellington & Frankie 2014
Ah, what a pair! There are a few Halloween themed ornaments in the catalog but I forgot to scan them! Poor Frankie doesn't have any special features. But then I guess most people probably don't want the scene with the little girl being re-enacted on their holiday tree.

Hallmark Jaws, Bradys, & Dukes

Ok, they totally missed an opportunity here. Jaws plays the theme, great! Brady Bunch plays the theme, ok. General Lee does not have a feature to play the horn?!?! C'mon now!

Hallmark Apes, Godzilla & Alien 2014

Godzilla looks like he's wearing a holiday scarf but it doesn't tie around him? It's not going to keep him very warm! And then two things I would pretty much have never expected to see in ornament form: Cornelius and an Alien. I wonder if the Alien is the first character from an R rated movie they've ever done?

Hallmark Star Wars 2014

A decent assortment of Star Wars this year. I've been collecting the LEGO ones so I'm super excited to see Boba come along. And I must get the cantina band as well. I like them anyway but you throw a music feature on them and it's about perfect. The only thing that would make it better is if they put sections of both tracks on there, not just the one most people know. I'm not sure if I hope or dread that the Vader may say "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

Hallmark ComicCon Exclusives 2014

And if you happen to be going to San Diego or NYC Comic Cons and feel like trying your luck, here are the exclusives only available there and nowhere else. Long time readers may recall a post where I explained these exclusives were actually a blessing for me. With their introduction, I could never have a truly complete set of Star Wars ornaments so I'm now free to pick and choose just the ones I really like. If they ever do a Star Wars LEGO exclusive I'm going to have to walk into Hallmark and kick someone in the no-no area.

I am a little disappointed there aren't any Adventure Time or Regular Show ornaments.


  1. The Xenomorph looks like he's doing the Terminator time travel pose. Now there is a movie crossover that I would love to see!