Apr 11, 2014

League Post - Hey, Isn't That...?

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers continues with the somewhat vague topics this week:

Hey, isn't that...

I've been to many conventions where there's plenty of opportunities to meet and greet celebrities but I'm not really going to mention those too much because you know the people are going to be there. When I see "Hey, isn't that..." it makes me think of running into someone in a place you weren't expecting to. You can scope out my Flickr convention galleries for those.

Years ago I was working in Boston's financial district. I left the building one afternoon when a cab pulled up right in front of me and out stepped John Ratzenberger. It was one of those surreal moments where you're absolutely sure it is who you think it is but then think why are they here right in front of me? I never know what to do in those situations so I politely went up to him said "Hi, it's nice to meet you." and shook his hand. And that was that. I did kind of get the sense that he wanted to move along before too many people noticed him.

I had a couple of unexpected run-ins at the 2007 Star Wars Celebration IV in LA. First was Whitney Matheson who writes the excellent Pop Candy column for USA Today online.

Whitney Matheson

The clone in the photo was my con mascot. He's got a couple of photo galleries of his adventures at the cons over the years. Usually when taking a pic with a celeb, I try to get them to hold him.

A few days later at the same con we were walking the halls, as you do, when a group of four guys walked by us. We all turned to each other and said "Was that Napolean Dynamite?" I yelled to him, he turned around and we asked to take a photo. During which I said something very intelligent to the effect of "Are you a big Star Wars fan?"
See, I said I never know what to do...

Jon Heder

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  1. This was fun to read! I like that you have a cloned mascot. lol Super cool. I like that you just called out to the guy that played Napolean Dynamite. (His name is John or something, right?) I would have been too shy to call out to him. On a sort of related note, did you ever watch the Napolean Dynamite cartoon? I really liked it, it's a shame it didn't last longer.

    1. Thanks, M! Our groups walked right by each other in opposite directions. I'm not normally a socially outward person but by the time we agreed it was who we thought, calling his name was the only way to stop him for a pic.
      I did watch the cartoon and thought it was really good too.