Apr 29, 2014

Mailbox Invaders - Garbage Pail Kids!

Just about a month ago, I entered the "March Badness" contest on The Ultimate Garbage Pail Kids Collection Facebook page. A couple weeks ago I found out I won second place! 

Second place consists of a base set of 2014 GPK Series 1 and a few extra goodies. Now, I haven't picked up any GPK since I used them to decorate my high school notebook so I was excited to check these out.

They sent along a few bonus stickers of the site's logo, a couple of the stickers from the Minikins and some really cool stickers to promote their web presence that are named like GPK characters.


While I've always liked GPK, the pop culture ones, of course, really piqued my interest. Here's a few of them showing off Adventure Time, Cthulhu, the Wizard of Oz and Gangnam Style! A couple other neat ones have Jaws and the mobile game Temple Run.

Garbage Pail Kids1

There's also a Winter Olym-Picks (as in nose) mini-series. The backs of these have info on the character's birthplace and background about them.

Garbage Pail Kids2

Just like the original cards, some of the backs are puzzle pieces to make a large version of one of the cards. Some of them also have comic strips or checklists. The only thing missing is the faint smell of a stick of crunchy bubblegum.

A big thanks to Matt for having this fun contest. If you're looking for info on anything and everything GPK related, be sure to visit GeePeeKay.com. He's got pics of every card (from his own collection, no less!) and a cool little feature where you can find out what GPK cards share your name. Sadly, there's not a really cool one for Dex...


  1. Fun bit o' trivia I discovered while researching Mexico's customs and immigration policies for a trip to San Carlos... it is explicitly forbidden to transport Garbage Pail Kids cards into the country! They are considered "obscene material". The language (paraphrasing) read something like: "images that depict children being harmed or degraded, including Garbage Pail Kids cards..."