Apr 25, 2014

League Post - Super Power!

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers wants to compromise your alter ego this week with the question...

What is your super power?

I had to think about this one for a while. Nothing really came to mind right away. At first I thought maybe pop culture osmosis. While I'm no Will West, I do have a knack for knowing things for no conceivable reason. Sometimes a question about something pops up and I'll say "Oh yeah, that's..." And my wife will always ask how I know that and I have no idea! I just unconsciously absorb stuff. There's no logical reason I should have any idea who the Octonauts are.

But after thinking about it, this is just a secondary mutation compared to my main power:

Star Wars Spotting!

You may be saying, "Duh, anyone can spot Star Wars." But let me assure you, my perception operates at a level far beyond mere mortals!

While watching a movie or TV show, I can always pick out any sound effect that was used in a Star Wars film no matter how faint or mixed with other sounds it may be. If I walk into a Best Buy and they happen to be playing one of the movies at the back of the store, I'll hear it and identify it for you. 

This actually has a practical use! In a world where everyone carries a phone, very few people have a custom Star Wars ring tone. I have mine set to the Imperial Probe Droid sound.

Not only is it a unique ring tone on its own, but being a Star Wars sound, I notice it a lot more instinctively and know without a doubt that it's coming from my phone.

The other usefulness of my power is in a thrift shop/flea market environment. When looking at piles or groups of stuff, my eye seems to always be drawn to anything Star Wars. 
How many Star Wars figures are in this photo?

Did you answer six? If so, good eye!

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  1. Our "Super-Power" would be our Mind....
    The Federal Gov. told me back in the mid-80's that Stacey's IQ was well over 150...!!!
    and we know how to make just about any type of weapon from "common" things....
    and our mental stability is not its best.... add to that , We are dying....
    Quite a "powder-keg" there should we ever "loose it"....
    Remember my "Heroes" have always been "Villains"... and we are an ex-bank robber...

  2. Nice! I can usually spot the Star Wars items in a room, but I fail when it comes to knowing what's good and what's junk, so I usually steer clear unless its an older item. I wish I knew more, but there's sooooo much of it out there!

    1. Even some of the older stuff goes relatively cheap but people assume because it's original that some sucker will pay for it.