Apr 17, 2014

Grid 2.0 Playing Cards

A few months ago I got another way cool deck of playing cards from Kickstarter: Grid 2.0. And the 2.0 isn't just some marketing thing to jazz up the name and make it seem all computery. A couple years ago, 4pm Designs put out a deck called...wait for it...The Grid. I missed that Kickstarter but was able to deploy some Recognizers to find one for me.

Here we go into Grid 2.0!

Grid 2.0 Playing Cards Deck

The original Grid deck featured black cards with red and blue highlights. 2.0 is white with black and blue highlights. And there's a reason for that. On the left is the Ace of Spades under normal light and on the right it's under blacklight revealing a hidden pattern.

Grid 2.0 Playing Cards Ace under Blacklight
Grid 2.0 Playing Cards Ace

Grid 2.0 has a few tricks up its sleeve with blacklight. Not only does it make the white of the cards glow but all the cards have a hidden pattern that only shows under blacklight. The cards have that same pattern you see above, but there are a few surprises that could be interesting if you work them into your card game under blacklight.

One of the Jokers has a symbol for the King of Clubs.
The Two of Hearts has a symbol for the Ace of Hearts.
The Ace of Hearts has a symbol for the Eight of Hearts.
There's also a card with a blank face that reveals it to be the Five of Spades under blacklight.

That would be a pretty cool card trick if you were able to force someone to draw the Five of Spades and eventually show them what appears to be a blank card only to make it become their card using a blacklight.

This video shows off the cards and goes under blacklight around the 1:50 mark.