Apr 3, 2014

League Post - Cool Story, Bro

The challenge from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers this week is one of my favorite kinds: extremely vague. It gives plenty of leeway so you can just about finagle anything you were planning on posting into a League post.

The topic:
Cool story, bro.

See? Plenty vague!

Did I ever tell you about the time I was immortalized in a Lucasfilm time capsule? Probably not, because I only just recently discovered it! If you were a Star Wars fan in the early 80s, you may have been too. Read on...

This week, I sadly finished The Making of Return of the Jedi (Enhanced Edition). Why sadly? Because it was such an amazing read. I can't recommend enough getting the enhanced version if you have a device that supports it. Not only is it almost 75% less than the hardcover, but you get audio and never seen before video clips.

There is one in particular that was really interesting. It was a scene from the Vader/Luke duel with no music, sound effects or James Earl Jones voicing Vader. The visual effects were finished so you're seeing lightsabers but hearing sticks smacking together when they fight.

As I was reading, I found this from July 1981

July 4 1981

The magic is in the final sentence. Being a Star Wars fan since I saw the movie, of course I became a member of the Star Wars Fan Club when it became a thing. So in 1981, my name (along with all the other Fan Club members) was placed in a Lucasfilm time capsule and buried on Skywalker Ranch.

Were you a Fan Club member in early 1981?

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