Jun 12, 2013

Star Wars Wednesday - Return of the Jedi Poster Magazine #3

Well, here we are at the final Star Wars Poster Magazine in my digital archives. And once again, there's an interesting contrast in the cover images. Because the posters inside were double-sided, you could only have one side showing. I put up the Rancor.
I was a weird kid.

star wars return of the jedi poster magazine 3 rancor han solo

This issue focuses more on the Battle of Endor stuff. In this section, they mention how they filmed the background for the speeder bike chase to make it look like they were going 150 mph. I remember seeing how they did it on one of the behind the scenes TV specials that aired. The sketch design in the bottom corner is one of my favorite pieces of concept art.

It seems like, in the sequels, the Empire always gets the cool new toys. First the AT-ATs and now speeder bikes, AT-STs and a sweet folding-wing shuttle!

star wars return of the jedi poster magazine 3 speeder bike scout trooper endor

The next section is about the contrast between the Empire with their shiny new toys and the Rebellion with their beat-up equipment and primitive allies. Not sure why, but the bottom right image of the Falcon flying through the Death Star has been flipped.
The cockpit is on the wrong side.

star wars return of the jedi poster magazine 3 death star endor ewok at-st star destroyer y-wing shuttle tydirium
And wrapping it up is a neat-o fact sheet. As I've said before, things like this were how you found out useless bits of trivia about the movies way back in the pre-internet days.

Be sure to tune in next Star Wars Wednesday for a time tripping audio treat!

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