May 29, 2013

Star Wars Wednesday - Return of the Jedi Poster Compendium

Well, I wanted to get this up last week prior to the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi's release but had some technical problems with the upload site. In case you haven't seen it already, I did a post awhile back on my memories of the first time I went to see Jedi.

I'm pretty sure I had the Empire poster magazines but this one I absolutely remember having. This cover is kind of hard to forget! Except I had the US version, not the UK one.

star wars return of the jedi poster magazine compendium 1983

I didn't post the pages for this one because it's a giant size issue. Inside is a 75 question Jedi Master quiz and 50 facts about the movie. Not much to look at on a website, which is why I posted it so you can download it. Unfortunately, the person that scanned the Jedi poster books didn't scan the posters but you can see what they are on the last page.

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