May 26, 2013

Book of the Moment - Kill Factor

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Kill Factor by Roger Vallon
Review copy provided by 711 Press
Available in e-book ($0.99 ) and paperback ($4.99)

Summary from Amazon
After going rogue and laying low on a farm in the Midwest, Hadrian Black, an ex black-ops soldier turned covert government agent resurfaces and seeks revenge against the company that made him what he is. With the aid of an old friend, and the schemes and resources of a new one, Hadrian faces off against the deadly agents of the multi-faceted corporation with a global reach known as Redrum Industries, which is also out to destroy him.

711 Press is striking out to do something different with their TV/movie books. They aim to give you a readable cinematic experience in about the time it would take to watch a movie or TV show. Because of this, everything is very trimmed down and streamlined. This style may not appeal to everyone, but as a fan of classic pulp adventures which focus on driving the story forward and intense action, I quite like it.

There's hi-tech gadgets, beautiful (and deadly) women, and a former black ops agent on the run from the secret government agency that created him. While it might sound familiar to Bond and/or Bourne fnas, I'm okay with that. It allows you to jump into the story easily without a lot of exposition and back-story to bog the pacing down. The opening chapter tells you all you need to know about the protagonist while showing off his skills against a group of assassins sent by his former employer, Redrum Industries.

The end of the book very much sets you up for the next part of the story. I hesitate to use the word sequel because if these were movies, I'd suspect they were filmed at the same time with the fore knowledge that the next would be released shortly after the first. It doesn't so much come to a conclusion as it feels like the end of Act 1. This also reminds me of classic pulps or serials because you almost immediately feel the need to see what happens next.

Considering the E-books are equivalent to a Redbox rental in time to consume and cost, I plan on checking out more of 711's offerings in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. 

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