May 14, 2013

League Post - Keep on Trekkin'

This week, the League of Extraordinary Bloggers challenges you to boldly go 
where no man has gone before...

Star Trek

Now, if you even kinda know me, you know I'm a Star Wars guy. I've never felt it's been an us vs them thing although I will poke fun when it presents itself. It's just that I never really got into it the way I did Star Wars. To this day, I've never seen a complete episode of TOS (that's the Original Series for you non-sci-fi geeks). My take it or leave it attitude toward this franchise can be traced back to one childhood event...

star trek motion picture movie poster

Maybe it was my obsession with Star Wars and sci-fi after '77 made me want to go see this. Let me tell you, no 8 year old kid should have to watch this movie in a theater when he's expecting another Star Wars. I was b-o-r-e-d!

One positive thing from childhood was the Power Records Read-Along comic book & 45, The Crier in the Emptiness. I had a few of these Power Records sets and there's just something about the voice acting and sound effects that stick with you forever. The cover art was done by comic legend Neal Adams and the story was written by Alan Dean Foster, who's no stranger to sci-fi or Star Wars. Here's a motion comic made from the set.
Keep an eye out for a Caucasian Uhura and African American Sulu!

I think the Animated Series was really my intro to the NCC-1701 crew. I watched TNG for a few years but didn't stick with it even though I really enjoyed it. I caught the first couple seasons of Voyager and tiny bits of DS9 and Enterprise. See? I give it a chance!

I went to the Star Trek Experience in Vegas before it closed, and I have the Borg teddy bear to prove it! Even though I'm a very casual fan, it was still very cool, especially the live action part leading up to one of the motion sim rides where your ship is attacked by the Borg.

I've gone back and seen all the movies over the years but never really got into them much, but there's no denying 2 & 3 are the apex of the series. I did see the Abrams movie, mainly because the trailers made it look more like Star Wars and I'll be going to see the new one too.

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  1. Right there with ya. Never got sucked into Trek like I did Wars. I think this new ones looks pretty cool. I most excited for Man of Steel tho!