May 21, 2013

LEGO Minifig Guide & Series 9

If you're a fan of the LEGO blind bagged minifigs, you should check out the new Character Encyclopedia from DK Publishing. It comes with an exclusive Toy Soldier minifig.

LEGO minifig character encyclopedia
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It covers all the minifigs up to Series 10 which just hit stores at the start of this month.
Each minifig is given its own page with a description and factoids.

LEGO minifig character encyclopedia

Thanks to the site Minature Trading, I was able to get the last figure I wanted from Series 9, the Fortune Teller. Here are the minifigs joining my Cabin in the Woods display cases.

First up is the Battle Mech. According to its bio, this is actually a giant robot that fights space monsters. I think he'd make a pretty cool airborne shock trooper.

lego minifig series 9 battle mech

I really like this Cyclops. He has a two sided head. The other side has his eye half scrunched like he's mad about something. Probably about getting photo-bombed! He also has another feature LEGO's been dabbling with lately, graphics on his back as well as front.

lego minifig series 9 cyclops

Although I force myself to stick to the sci-fi and monster minifigs to keep the collection under control, I can totally justify having a gypsy Fortune Teller in the bunch. In fact, the first thing that came to mind when I knew about her was that she'd be good next to the Werewolf minifig. She's one of my favorites in the whole line. She's got a little shawl on and check out the gold discs on her head wrap and different patterns on her lower half.
She also comes with two tiny Tarot cards!

lego minifig series 9 fortune teller gypsy tarot

Ok, who keeps bombing my photo-shoot?

lego minifig series 9 gyosy fortune teller jack sparrow pirate Caribbean tarot

Looks like some change is in the cards for you, Jack! I got him from Five Below as part of a Nintendo DS accessory pack for $1. You can't beat a buck for a LEGO minifig!


  1. I love the Cyclops. He's one of the Vampyre's minions in my Vampyre's Castle display (BTW, you can also rotate the 'inner' head to make him appear asleep!) but I'm totally jealous that you scored the Fortune Teller. I thought the exact same thing as you!

    1. Wow I never would have thought about using the blank space to indicate he was asleep!

  2. Lol on the photo bombs. Would love to see your display as I currently have most of my collection in baggies stored away. Looking for display ideas!

    1. I have two of the large LEGO minifig cases, which are quickly running out of room! Any size of these cases seem to be hard to find in stores anymore. They are a bit pricey but I got them for under $20 a piece.

    2. Cool thanks for the link. This guy on etsy makes some cool lookin cases but they are pretty darn pricey! I might break down and eventually get one.

    3. Those are a bit pricey but being custom-made I can see charging for the time it takes.