Jun 17, 2013

Greetings from Iowa, 1972

While visiting my parents over the weekend, my step-dad spent awhile showing us a lot of really cool old stuff he acquired recently. Among the stuff were lots of postcards (some used, some not) and photographs from the early 1900s.
People looked a lot creepier back then, it's a wonder any of us are here now.

He also had a letter written by a soldier to his family from WWII along with some other things tied to that person. There will be another post on that next week, it's great stuff!

I figured for Monday I'd toss something a little lighter into the blogosphere. It's not WWII old, but early 70s. Here's a postcard from somewhere along rt. 80 in Iowa.

Iowa route 80 postcard 1972 road trip americana
Click for a better view
This just brings a lot of joy to me. I think it goes hand in hand with my love of 50s car culture. There's just something about the Great American Road Trip and everything that would come with it, pre-80s. And maybe it's a little about the kitsch of it all too.

Added bonus! Here's the back...

Iowa route 80 postcard 1972 road trip americana summer games Munich stamp

Doesn't sound like they were having a particularly exciting time, does it? The real reason I even bothered to scan the back though was for the 1972 Munich Summer Games stamp on it, which also helps capture the time this came out of.

I'm also curious if Audrey is a person or the name of their vehicle/camper?


  1. "People looked a lot creepier back then, it's a wonder any of us are here now."

    Okay, that just gave me a much needed laugh for today!

    1. I didn't scan any of the photos but I'm sure you've seen enough old timey photos to know where I'm coming from there :)

  2. So neat seeing these old post cards and the pictures on them. It would be neat to go visit these places and see if the things pictured are still there.

    1. That would be cool, I can't imagine any of these places are still standing.