Jun 26, 2013

Star Wars Wednesday - Return of the Jedi Compendium

Just when I thought I had posted everything I had on poster magazines, I dug up something else. This 25 page Compendium was published by Paradise Press, the same company that did the poster magazines. It's not packed with behind the scenes info like the poster mags and is more like a visual reference guide to the characters and vehicles.

star wars return of the jedi compendium 1983

Even if I didn't have the publisher's name to match between the two things, it's pretty obvious this was done in the same style as the poster magazines. Here's a sample page:

star wars return of the jedi compendium at-at endor 1983
If you want to check it out in its entirety, click here. It is in cbr format, so you'll need a program to view it (I use CDisplay) or you can unrar it to view the indiviual page jpegs.

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