Jun 24, 2013

Mail Order Monday - Jet "Rocket" Space Ship (1955)

Mail Order Monday blasts back into action with the 1955 Jet "Rocket" Space Ship!


My first question is why is rocket in quotations?
Does it mean the jet space ship part is more accurate?

If I'd been around as a young lad when this was available, I would have lost my mind and relentlessly begged to get it ordered. Over 7' long, and look at the list of the controls on that instrument panel! Of course the big concern if I had gotten it would have been where
the heck do you put it?

There were also similar offers for a nuclear submarine and a tank. Just like many other mail offer ads of its time, there's a lot more flash in the ad than what you actually get in the mail. Head on over to Secret Fun Spot to see photos of the item from a January Ebay auction
that was offered for $1500.

And while you're puttering around online, check out the song Jet "Rocket" Space Ship by Darling Pet Munkee. I've mentioned them on the blog a few times before. All their songs are inspired by classic comic book mail order ads like this one.


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    1. You are very welcome! (That there is one of the members of Darling Pet Munkee)

  2. Am just amazed that any of these would still be around given there cardboard nature.

    1. Especially from that time frame. The concept of saving toys and not actually playing with them was probably very weird.