Jun 19, 2013

Star Wars Wednesday - Grand Moff Tarkin

It wasn't until decades after seeing Star Wars that I would experience the awesomeness of Peter Cushing as a leading man in Hammer Horror Films, but there was still no denying the man had a certain presence on screen.

And it was that presence that formed a band in his name.
Wait, what?!

grand moff tarkin band stormtrooper guitar

I don't remember exactly how I discovered Grand Moff Tarkin. Most likely, it was back in the early days of Napster when I would look for Star Wars related music. After finding some great hard rockin songs, I tracked down the band's page (not a site, just a page). At this point in time, I was digitally hording all the Star Wars I could find online so I grabbed all the pics and info from their page.

Later on, I uploaded it to my Geocities site. Yeah, that's right, I said Geocities! Forever preserved in it's early days of the Internet state. That's how long ago this was! It's a little embarrassing to look at now, but you can see everything that was ever online about the band on my tribute page.

Of course I also archived the songs I was able to find and now I can share them with you!
Grab the tracks "My TIE", "Mos Eisley Burning", and "Imperial Metal" by clicking on the image below and let me know what you think!

It's a shame these guys aren't around anymore, I bet they'd be a big hit at the cons.

grand moff tarkin band dancing girls


  1. THat is EPIC !!! Love it completely !!! That would be a great act to have at a metal bar, all would freak out !!!

    1. They would kill it at something like a Star Wars Celebration.