Jun 3, 2013

Mailbox Invaders - Glyos Drop

These guys landed a few weeks ago but I haven't had time to properly photograph them for posting. I've been getting bored (and frustrated) with my usual impromptu photo studio. I wanted to get these outside for a bit more scenery than a single color background.

First is the pairing of the Glyan ROU Operator Cane & Reydurran Mimic Armorvor. My very first Glyos purchase was an Armorvor but I think the black/red color scheme makes this one better looking. I'm not very familiar with the Glyos universe story so I'm not sure what Operator Cane is supposed to be. I'm saying he's a robo-bodyguard for the Armorvor.

glyos Glyan ROU Operator Cane and Reydurran Mimic Armorvor toy figures

Each of their heads has another face on the back. They also came with an additional head each. Cane's  reminds me of a Trans-Former and the Armorvor's is similar to my other one's wolf head but is gray. I swapped the guns that they came with originally. I think the large barrel weapon is a bit more fitting for the Armorvor's brutish frame.

Second is the Deep Space Glyan Reydurran Science Division, a figure I missed out on during the last drop. There were two things that sold me on this figure, the helmet and the jetpack. As much as I dig his retro-astro aesthetic, he's got a big problem.

Deep Space Glyan Reydurran Science Division glyos toy figure

The issue I have with him is his jetpack. The peg that plugs it into his back is too short to hold it on there well. Unfortunately, I can't pick him up or move him without it falling off and then it's a minor pain to get it on again and oriented properly.

The back of his helmet looks like an inverse of Cane's head in the photo above. He came with two extra heads that look great but sadly can't be used on him. The helmet he has attaches to a peg and the extra heads have pegs on them instead of holes. I know the whole point of the line is to mix and match parts but I really wanted to check out the heads on this body. Without the jetpack he looks more like a galactic grunt trooper and that's not too bad either.

That minor gripe aside, I'm still looking forward to adding more Glyos to my collection. Someday I'll get around to picking up some spare parts so I can experiment.


  1. I love these I only own one so far but I really should at some point buy a few more.

    1. I still haven't gotten used to the idea that they have interchangeable parts. Aside from an occasional head swap I end up leaving them as they are. Have to fix that someday.