Jan 11, 2013

S.L.U.G. Zombies - Burgers & Brains

Stay cool, daddio! Today you're going to meet some not so swingin cats from S.L.U.G. Zombies Series 4. I got a lot more figures to feature and these are all thematically linked so we're throwin caution to the wind and taking on not one, not two, but three brainy boppers.

Let's all go to the lobby.
Let's all go to the lobby.
Let's all go to the lobby and grab ourselves a shotgun.

2 Scoops-Too-Late Steve

s.l.u.g. zombie 2 scoops too late steve series 4 jakks pacific

Previous Job: Ice Cream Man
Slow cruisin' & exact change
Freezer burn
Favorite Food:
Orange Screamsicles 

Steve's got all the details to make a winning figure from the coin changer on his belt to the tiny pen in his pocket. At first glance, I just presumed he had a normal ice cream cone. Then I noticed something hanging off the back of it. Closer inspection showed it's not ice cream, it's intestines! And to top it all off is a nice juicy eyeball! And look! He's missing one shoe!

Gruesome Gabe

s.l.u.g. zombie gruesome gabe series 4 jakks pacific greaser

Previous Job: Slacker
Likes: Zombie rumbles
Dislikes: Preppies
Favorite Food: Grilled Head Cheese Sandwich & Maggot Malt

What drive-in or burger joint would be complete without a nogoodnik greaser hanging around? Just check out that chest wound. He's also sportin a cool leather jacket (minus a sleeve), a tough guy chain and three quarters a pair of sneakers. This guy has one of my favorite face sculpts so far. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention it's not easy slicking your hair back after you've been dead awhile?

s.l.u.g. zombie gruesome gabe series 4 jakks pacific greaser

Moldy Moxie

s.l.u.g. zombie moldy moxie series 4 jakks pacific carhop waitress

Previous Job: Carhop waitress
Likes: Drag races at the drive-in
Dislikes: Pennies & personal checks
Favorite Food: Ice Cranium Sundae

While Steve's tending the counter, someone has to be bringing food out to the cars. And Moxie's the right gal for the job with her skates, they even have stoppers on the front. I just wouldn't let her stick anything to far in your window. And what's that on her tray? It looks like Gruesome Gabe's favorite: Grilled Head Cheese Sandwich & Maggot Malt! I'm not sure what happened to Moxie, but it looks like someone got fresh with her..

s.l.u.g. zombie moldy moxie series 4 jakks pacific carhop waitress

I don't know about you, but I love 50's car culture, burger joints and drive-ins so these figures really knock it out of the park for me. More figures to come next week!


  1. These SLUG Zombies are really coming along now and i wonder will see any of the Aliens and others that were talked about by Jakks?

    1. I'm thinking we'll get more news (if there is any) at NY Toy Fair next month.

  2. These would all look great next to an appropriately scaled rat rod or monster mobile like the Munster's Koach.

  3. The fixation over Fast Food tropes of this line is marvellous - Big trashy fun!



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