Jan 28, 2013

Tron Goes Off the Grid?

 Midnight last night began the airing of the 19th, and likely final, episode of Tron: Uprising on Disney XD. As someone that's been a Tron fan since the original movie, the whole process of how the show has been handled has left me wondering how Disney can not stand behind one of its original properties. Granted Disney has never really been in the sci-fi biz (Lucasfilm acquisition aside) but they know there are fans out there otherwise we'd never have gotten a new movie so long after the original.

Until recent years, genre TV was something that didn't get much respect. When you add the fact that it's an animated series not aimed directly at kids and you'd be lucky to finish your first season. This show is definitely not a cash grab by Disney to crank out more Tron merchandise. I'm still finding the odd Legacy toy in some stores, two and a half years later.

I've been hooked on the show since day one. It's downright gorgeous in HD. They have a stellar cast of vocal talent including Bruce Boxlitner, Elijah Wood, Paul Reubens and Lance Henricksen. Heck, Mandy Moore is even really good in it. The soundtrack by Joseph Trapanese, who collaborated with Daft Punk on the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, is the next best thing to actually having Daft Punk. For this fan, the show was hitting all the right marks.

Uprising is an odd beast. Even though younger kids can watch it for the chases, fights, unique style and pretty colors, the story isn't aimed at their level. It never tries to be anything other than a mature animated series with interesting characters. Uprising has stayed consistent in tone following of a virus-infected Tron training his apprentice, Beck, to take down CLU.

Beck (posing as Tron) and Tron
No matter who they intended as the audience, moving it to a Sunday night midnight time slot is probably the quickest way to lose viewers and keep anyone from stumbling on it. I know the last movie got a lot of flack but I really enjoyed it. My biggest problem with it was how Tron himself was reduced to a very minor character that had a redemption arc that took all of five seconds. I know the films are about the Flynn Legacy but I feel Tron is every bit as important to the story since he sort of started this whole thing.

Uprising started to delve into Tron's character here and there and I was really hoping we'd get some of the missing pieces as to how he became Rinzler. Last night's episode had plenty of great action to it and seemed to have gotten Tron a cure for his virus. Which more than ever makes me want to know what happened to him before Legacy. The season (series?) ended on an amazing cliff hanger that I don't think we'll ever get to see play out.

 I know there's at least one Disney fan/full time artist out there that would love to continue this as a comic book and that would be fine with me!

Wallpaper images from this Tron: Uprising Flickr gallery.


  1. I never have watched this show for some odd reason and I really loved the original and newer film.

    1. Start with ep1 when you do watch because it's an ongoing story every week. You can buy them from iTunes or this site (http://www.awesomedl.com/search/label/TRON%20Uprising) has them streaming although you have to register a free account and I haven't checked out how that works.