Jan 21, 2013

S.L.U.G. Zombies Series 4 Stragglers

Today we're cleaning up the final remnants of S.L.U.G. Zombies Series 4 zombies. That may sound like it came from the department of redundancy department, but there's still one more post coming to cover the Series 4 non-zombies. There's no theme linking these together which is why they're all piled into one post.

Dismembered Dennis

s.l.u.g. zombies series 4 dismembered dennis

Previous Job: Head Engineer
Likes: Overnight shipping
Dislikes: Return to sender
Favorite Food: Sweet & Sour Sternum

Probably my least favorite Series 4 "figure." Sure, he looks ok in a diorama but there's not a lot of play value for a dismembered zombie in a stack of crates. I suppose you could paint him up to look like a murder victim instead of a zombie and set up your own mini crime scene. Looks like this guy (puts on sunglasses) went to pieces. YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!

The Brain Eatin' Barbarian

s.l.u.g. zombies series 4 brain eatin barbarian

Previous Job: Barbarian King
Likes: Conquering villages
Dislikes: Pants
Favorite Food: Spicy Scapula Soup

Ol' BEB here is another figure that could almost not be a zombie. He's got a lot of scratches and a little bite on his lower right leg. Other than that, he just has a spaced out look on his face...like most barbarians.

 Deranged Denise

s.l.u.g. zombies series 4 deranged denise

Previous Job: N/A hasn't worked a day in her life
Likes: Her teddy, "Freddy"
Dislikes: Chores & brushing her teeth before bed
Favorite Food: Grilled knees sandwich with a glass of milk

Isn't she adorable? She's still holding on to her teddy bear even though it's in just as bad shape as she is. Looking at the figure as I write this, I wish I'd shot this to get more of the left side of her face in where there's pieces torn out.

English Dead Guard

s.l.u.g. zombies series 4 english dead guard

 Previous Job: Soldier in the British Army
Likes: Commandeering pirate ships
Dislikes: When those pirate ships have cannons
Favorite Food: Brainers & Mash

I've said it before, these historical figures really hit the spot for me. The cartoonish cannonball wound is just sweet, sweet icing.

Leo the Lifeless

s.l.u.g. zombies series 4 leo the lifeless

Previous Job: Door to door salesman
Likes: "Closing the deal!"
Dislikes: Being turned into a zombie for "Closing the deal" for the wrong guy.
Favorite Food: Lemon Meringue Thigh

Ever since Teddy Terror appeared in Series 2, I had suspected Jakks Pacific was working the Three Stooges into the line even though nothing in his bio matched up, he looks a lot like Curly. Then Series 3 brought Louie Fingers, a dead ringer for Moe. One of his hands is even sculpted to deliver a two-finger eye poke. Leo here just cements my Stooge theory. Unfortunately, I don't have all three of them to put them together in the same shot for you.

Will these be the final S.L.U.G. Zombies zombies? With Target blowing the sets out at 50% clearance, only time will tell. The collector's poster shows 100 figures and we've still got Series 5 & 6 to go and the glow in the dark exclusives that come with the collector's cases.

Hopefully NY Toy Fair will shed some light on the future of S.L.U.G toys!


  1. Again it seems like these took forever to come out and once they did they went to red tags at Target so fast!

    1. It's weird too, a lot of the stores seem to have been sitting on cases of series 2 & 3 coffins because they are flush with them now.