Jan 2, 2013

Halloween Garage Additions

It's only the 2nd day of the year and I've already got two new additions to the Halloween Garage! First up is the Hot Wheels 2003 Pheaton from the Sega Games Series.
In 2013, this car will have its 22nd release since 1999.

hot wheels 2003 phaeton sega house of the dead

I found this one at a local closeout chain called Special Thoughts. Something I didn't realize until checking it out on the Hot Wheels Wiki, the roof is removable. Probably not advisable if you're going zombie hunting. The use of the green and red really makes the floating faces pop on the black background.

The next addition is a new 2013 release, Baja Bone Shaker. Even though it said new for 2013, I was pretty sure I'd seen it before, maybe even owned one already.

hot wheels 2013 baja bone shaker

I was partially right. The body of the car is from Bone Shaker which has more variations and releases since 2006 than I care to count! Batfans might recognize it from the recent Batman 5-pack as the Joker's car. For the Baja release, they closed the top, added flood lights, a brushbreaker and a spare tire in the back as well as terrain appropriate muddy wheels.

I've seen "variants" on some where only the front or back wheels are the muddy color and the other plain black. I'm not a variant chaser and don't like the way the mixed wheels look anyway, so I'm good with this version.

The card art shows the car with the original street tires instead of the off road ones.

hot wheels 2013 baja bone shaker card art


  1. Replies
    1. I wish I'd been able to find one with all black tires. I don't like the "muddy" ones. The color looks weird. Or maybe if they were mud splattered instead of a solid color...

  2. I picked up that Baja Bone Shaker the other day. I have always been a fan of that car, and thought it neat to see a Baja modified version! Mine has all 'muddy' tires, but all black tires would be preferred.